Dream Street Pictures is an Emmy® Award winning, full service drama, documentary and performance production service provider based in Halifax, on Canada’s East Coast. Dream Street specializes in drama, documentary and arts programming.

We provide comprehensive, turn-key pre-production, production and post-production support to international producers and production companies in organizing shoots in Halifax and surrounding areas as well as throughout the province of Nova Scotia.

Our past experience includes services and support for two US feature films with budgets of $3 to $5 million. We have also been full partners on co-productions of television drama, documentary, and performance programs. 

Dream Street enjoys a good working relationship with local Government Agencies, as well as all the local union, guilds, industry specific service providers and local vendors. We can assist in one or many of the elements needed for you to deliver a state-of-the-art product, including:

  • hiring crews 
  • local casting
  • supervision of auditions for casts
  • locations scouting
  • scheduling
  • budgeting
  • filming
  • and post production.

Our service is straightforward and timely. We recognize the importance of time and information when you are choosing the best place for production. During our initial discussions, we will provide a quick assessment on your project's specific creative and financial needs, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Dream Street works with you as a client to find the best financial and creative solutions for the project, while aiming to make your stay and shoot in Nova Scotia and Canada a happy and memorable one. Click here to contact us.